Friday, January 7, 2011

Treats from the wizarding world of harry potter

 The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook  by Dinah Bucholz includes 150 recipes from many of the best loved characters from the wizarding world like Molly Weasley and Hagrid the loveable half-giant. There are also recipes of food that was seen back at number four Privet Drive with the Dursleys.

I absolutely LOVE to cook! So naturally I have many cookbooks at home, although I have only scratched the surface of many. So, when I got this cookbook for Christmas, I decided that it would be cool to try and work the book through. My goal is to cook all of the recipes within the book with an exception of using the offal ingredients. So sorry to disappoint anyone, but I will not be making haggis, or black pudding. I am fully ready to try many new things within this book, I am not quite ready for recipes like the ones mentioned above. I am really excited to try almost all of the recipes within the book, some look really delicious and some look very different, then what I am used to eating. Above all, this will be an adventure, one that will include gliding through the easy ones, and battling dragons on the hard ones, lol. This will be my first cookbook I will have conquered, so I will be glad that you will share the experience with me. Most of the recipes featured in this book I have not had. So I am excited and a little nervous to try each one of them. I am going to attempt to do one recipe a week, although there will be certain weeks where I will do more. Due to me being a student and having bills, I am restricted to mostly one a week. Each week I will post a recipe that I am attempting and I will include a little information about the recipe,  how much of a challenge it was to make, and how good it was. I will be fully honest with you in how well the recipe tastes and such, so I will not lead you astray ;) I also encourage any feedback on the recipes and if you want to make it along with me that would be great!
Tonight I will be starting off with two recipes, Molly's Meatballs with Onion Sauce (pg.83), and Fluffy Mashed Potatoes (pg. 125).
Wish me luck!


  1. Meatballs and potatoes were amazing:).

  2. I will beat him any day at harry potter trivia!!

  3. I can't wait to try my cook book! I am such a Harry Potter fanatic!

    Heather Hawks

  4. You suck anonymouns...*cough* heather