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Harry wryly observes that Voldemort won't get killed off while Harry's busy making canapes and vol-au-vents. He's frustrated that Mrs. Weasley is keeping him so busy with preparations for Bill and Fleur's wedding that she leaves him no time for planning an attack. (harry potter and the deathly Hallows, Chap.6).

Okay, you guys asked for an appetiser, so here it is! Well, as easy these are to make, they weren't my favorite. This little appetizer was so cute! with so many possibilities on the different ingredients you could use and the shapes you can create. However, this particular recipe has ingredients in it that I do not care to much for. I made two out of three of the canapes; the Olive-Cheese Topping, and the Smoked Salmon Topping. Even though I was not crazy about this recipe...It does mean you won't be. I just happen to not be a very big fan of olives, tomatoes, or smoked salmon. The smoked salmon topping was pretty good, given my dislike for smoked salmon. To create different shapes, you can get out your old cookie cutters and go to work!
(by the way, sorry for such a late post! I know its been awhile ;)

Harry Potter Trivia: What is Professor Dumbledor's full name?

1 Loaf good-quality sandwich bread
butter, for greasing the skillet

The Toppings
Olive-Cheese Topping: mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese sliced into 1/4-inch thick slices, pitted olives
Smoked Salmon Topping: Cream cheese, smoked salmon, chopped scallions
Sour Cream- Anchovy Topping: sour cream, anchovy fillets packed in olive oil, grape tomatoes.
Toothpicks for holding the fillets in place.

1. To make the canapes, use a round 2-inch cookie cutter to cut circles out of the bread. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Take a cold stick of butter and rub the tip of it over the surface of the hot skillet. Add as many pieces of bread as fit into the skillet. Toast over medium heat on each side until golden brown, a few minutes per side. Repeat the buttering between batches. Make as many as desired.

2. For the Sour Cream-Anchovy Canapes, spread sour cream on the canapes. Dab the fillets with a paper towel, then cut in thirds and lay over the sour cream, 1 fillet per canape. Push a toothpick through a grape tomato and press into place on top of the anchovy.

3. For the Olive-Cheese Topping, use the 2-inch cutter to cut out circles of cheese. Spread mayonnaise on the canapes. Lay the circles of cheese over the mayonnaise. Push a toothpick through an olive and press into place on top of the cheese.

4. For the Smoked Salmon Topping, spread cream cheese on the canapes. Lay a piece of smoked salmon on top, then sprinkle with the chopped scallions.
Make as many as desired!

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